C&S | Innovation
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Innovation is an essential attitude on every corporation that seeks continuity over time. An attitude that helps rethink business models and create new processes or redefine the existing ones. Innovation to drive the business through projects of R&D&I. Innovation for the organizational transformation helped by knowledge, creativity and the use of innovative methodologies.

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We colaborate with organizations in the design of their innovative business strategies focused on the improvement of their competitiveness.

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We work together with organizations to generate innovation spaces that allow actions on their processes, products and services.

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We help the rise of specific funds in order to develop innovation projects.

We offer:

  • Innovation strategies.
  • Competitive monitoring and observatories.
  • Sectorial analysis.
  • Support to Cluster Initiatives: Cluster Mapping, Business segmentation, Cluster management support tools (Interim Management, Project manager, Benchmarking…).
  • Innovative Public Supply: support to public administrations and private entities.
  • Diagnosis of innovation skills and Actions plans to improve innovative profile.
  • Operating support in the management of R&D&I, Innovation Technical Offices.
  • Fund raising to finance R&D&I projects.
  • R&D&I Project Management.
  • Innovation Management: Technological Monitoring, Creativity, Lean Methodology…
  • KPI’s design that allow the measurement of innovation management results.
  • Management systems of R&D&I according to UNE 166002.
  • Support in the certification of R&D&I projects according to UNE 166001 and RD 1432/2003 in order to get fiscal deductions.