C&S | BIM Consulting
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BIM Consulting


We program and control the life cycle of BIM project coordinating all disciplines and agents involved in the process.

We design the BIM team structure according to the BIM objectives of the client and we define the internal roles and responsibilities within the team for its optimal performance.

We analyze the needs and projects of the company in order to define the BIM objectives and develop standards, components, templates, style books, protocols and BIM processes in alignment with these objectives. We offer support and assistance in all the BIM project stages.

We help construction companies, to adapt their workflow and production resources to the use of these new tools.

We develop the BIM Catalogue for suppliers and help to get a position in the market through this business opportunity.

We offer:

  • BIM Organization, systematization and standardization.
  • Discipline and work teams coordination.
  • Work Advance control with BIM.
  • BIM models review.
  • Colision detection.
  • Review reports.
  • BIM models validation.
  • Development of BIM catalogue for suppliers.
  • Creation and edition of BIM objects: properties and parametrization.
  • BIM components.
  • BIM templates.
  • Style book.
  • BIM processes.
  • BIM protocols.
  • BIM objectives and criteria.
  • BEP: BIM Execution Plan.